Mac Support for PC Technicians 10.11 - Part2


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Welcome to this Mac Support for PC Technicians online Training Course course.

Hi, I'm Daryl McCartney, and This course was designed for PC techs that need to install and support Macs running the OS X operating system on their Microsoft Windows networks. It covers integrating Macs into a Windows environment along with common IT issues faced by support staff.

We’ll take a look at the Installation of OS X, how to work with user accounts, delve into OS X permissions, we’ll investigate security options in OS X before diving deeper into the file system to see what makes it tick. Backing up your files will be discussed along with how to install and work with Apps and Documents. Networking is broken down into individual areas for configuration, accessing services and hosting services. There are also dedicated lessons for troubleshooting peripherals and printers along with some useful troubleshooting tips.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn all about supporting OS X El Capitan.

There are exercises that can be performed for some lessons, but these depend on your network setup and the resources you have to hand.  For example, Exercise 19.1 requires you to have an Active Directory environment while Exercise 6.1 requires you to have an Exchange server.  I encourage you to read through these exercises even if you don't have the necessary resources to hand.

To access the Exercise files…

Before you delve in though, remember, this is a technical support course. I may refer to some OS X features, but this course does not discuss in full how to use and navigate OS X. If you are new to the Mac, go through the Mac Basics material on Apple’s website at the URL shown ( and then come back to the videos, don't worry, i’ll still be here waiting for you.

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Daryl McCartney

I joined Amsys in April 2010 as a Service Technician. In 2012 i took the opportunity to move into the Training department. Since joining i have been successful in becoming certified to teach all of the current Apple Certification Courses since OS X 10.8, as well as the ACMT and ACiT qualifications. Outside of work I enjoy playing Tennis and I am a member of the club committee helping to maintain t... more