MacADUK 2017 Session Videos


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These videos were filmed live at MacADUK 2017, which took place at the O2 in London in early February. With expert speakers from around the globe, over 250 delegates enjoyed the best tech content, the brightest Mac Minds had to offer.

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These are *not* courses, this is just the best place to host the sessions on our new beta site!  

We feel this new site could make a major contribution to the community. We've built it from the ground up and we’re putting a lot of time, money and resource into free content too. The site is open for all competent content producers to host and promote their own material to the Mac community so if you're a content producer... or you want to be, get in touch.

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Course modules

Managing, securing and maintaining macOS and iOS devices
This session covers Bash, Python, packaging, launchd, configuration profiles and more...
Steps every admin should take to secure their Mac users' environment
Comparison of the leading macOS management products
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MacADUK is a must-attend event for professional Mac Admins and Developers. With intensive sessions run over two days in London, delegates come to MacADUK to network, share, discover, compare, meet, learn, hang out and socialise with and from the best Apple techs in the world. more